Choosing the E-commerce platform with the best user experience:  Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus

Choosing the E-commerce platform with the best user experience:  Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus

Enterprise E-commerce platform

E-commerce is considered to be the next big thing. In a word where most industries are featuring stagnant growth. It continues to grow as more and more people move to digital platforms to carry out their transactions.

Those of you who wish to create your eCommerce store, the first thing you will need to do is research about the top enterprise E-commerce platforms. This is because the quality of your Enterprise E-commerce software governs the experience of your Ecommerce store.

When you conduct an Enterprise E-commerce platform comparison, you will find a few platforms being mentioned repeatedly. This includes Big Commerce and Shopify Plus. These two platforms are considered to be the best ones out there.

Shopify Plus vs. Big Commerce Enterprise User Experience: The Showdown

To make sure you choose the correct one between the two, we have conducted an Enterprise E-commerce Comparison between Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus based on user experience.

Why user experience? Because for newbies, this is one of the biggest factors that matter.

Are you comfortable with using content management systems like the WordPress? If so, you will find it extremely easy to operate Shopify as well. This is because the user experience delivered by Shopify Plus is eerily similar to WordPress.

Shopify also provides extreme autonomy to its users. For instance, rather than choosing themes from Shopify’s vast collection, you can also choose to customize your themes. Or, you can select one from the free portfolio of themes from Shopify’s independent designers. You can also find some premium options, however, at the maximum cost of $200.

Big Commerce isn’t far behind when it comes to delivering optimum user experience either. However, Big Commerce has taken a different approach to it all. This is why you might find some of its operations to be a tad annoying compared to Shopify. But, it does make up for the inconvenience by offering much better advanced tools to its users.

As far as themes are concerned, Big Commerce offers both premium and free designs. However, its free themes are comparatively much less than Shopify.


When you compare Big Commerce vs. Shopify based on user experience, you are bound to find Shopify to be the better option. This doesn’t mean Shopify is the ultimate winner. There are various other factors you need to consider before you make that conclusion.