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BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: The Pros & Cons Revealed

BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus – what is the difference in these two ecommerce solutions in terms of SEO, performance, wholesale, and shipping? Read and discover everything you need to know!

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If your online business is generating more than 400.000 USD in revenue a year and if your sales volume is outgrowing the ecommerce platform you are currently using, it means it is time for a change.
You need an enterprise ecommerce solution that can support your store and provide you with all the features you need to run a successful and productive online business.
While both ecommerce solutions – Shopify and BigCommerce gained their popularity by supporting small online stores, they have expanded their services and now they can meet the needs of large businesses as well. Both ecommerce solutions have built a solid reputation for their reliability, scalability, and ease of use.
BigCommerce and Shopify are the two platforms you need to consider when it comes to resolving the needs and requirements of enterprise-level ecommerce businesses. But, which one should you pick if you are, for example, considering an upgrade for your business?

We have compiled a list of comparisons, pros and cons so you can decide which platform is better for your business:


Our comparison BigCommerce vs Shopify comes down to the fact that BigCommerce provides more customizations and use native features without depending on third-party applications. Shopify Plus is trying to improve payment processing and shipping. It has a great community for integrations and apps.